An auto attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers. Callers have the option to connect to the operator, dial by extension, or connect to configurable extensions.


ring-group-LRING GROUP

Ring Group is a feature that allows you to have multiple phones ringing while one extension or number is dialed. It’s a great way for any business to share the distribution of incoming calls among employees.

time-of-day-LTIME OF DAY

Time of day routing routes calls to different locations based on the time of day when a call is made. For example, during business hours, calls can route to an office and after hours, calls can go directly to a voice messaging system or a home number.


call-center-LCALL CENTER

Call centers special offices that are purpose-built to handle a large volume of phone calls. Call centers typically handle customer service, support, telemarketing, telesales and collections functions. The employees who staff call centers are referred to as “agents” or “customer service representatives”. Call centers range from very small informal operations to massive, highly optimized sites with hundreds or even thousands of agents. Call centers use specialized telephone equipment to maximize productivity.




Follow Me is a great included feature for business professionals who find themselves out of the office, but need to stay connected at all times of the day. It’s part of our helpful Never Miss a Call options that enable you to always take your calls, no matter where you are.




It’s time to say good bye to old fashioned tactics of conferences. With Smart Office we can easily join a conference with the customers and partners from anywhere in the world. Along with our partner we are now able to join the conference with help of fixed line phone, mobile phone or from the internet without the phone. Smart IP-PBX can handle up to 120 users in a single conference at a time.Along with fast and easy access, it also provides security. It has PIN enabled security for users wanting to join an ongoing conference call.



voicemail-to-email-LVOICE MAIL TO EMAIL

Voicemail to e-mail services deliver any hand set message left for you directly to your e- mail in an audio file. It provides an easy way to listen to your messages, without ever having to pick up the phone. Simply click on the audio file delivered to your e-mail to listen to your messages as per your convenience.





The conversation we have with our customers, vendors or partners are important and it may have legal implications. It records all your incoming and outgoing calls and stores in the cloud. Call recording is a valuable tool for many companies and institutions, particularly when trying to improve the performance of their customer-facing staff. It can be used for training, quality assurance, customer satisfaction monitoring and to satisfy legal requirements. This way not just call centers benefit from call recording, but also financial and legal services as well as educational and government institutions.